Inbound Marketing


What Is Inbound Marketing?

There are dozens of buzz words in the marketing world, but few as ubiquitous as Inbound Marketing. It would seem that everyone in the marketing world knows that an inbound marketing methodology should be how a business or non-profit looks to conduct their marketing efforts, but many struggle to understand what that looks like.

Simply put, Inbound Marketing is the strategy of creating unique & "free" content experiences that are truly valuable to your target audience. 

This is content that aligns itself with the very problem your organization looks to solve with their product or services. It speaks to the need your customer is facing and extends an empathetic and helpful hand. Perhaps this sounds somewhat melodramatic, but this is an important lens to view your customer's needs and wants through. Inbound Marketing looks to meet your prospects, leads, & customers where they are at with delightful content and assist them on their journey. 

Below is the Inbound Methodology Flywheel from HubSpot, this shows the important components Attract, Engage, Delight of Inbound. They components are intertwined to reflect the importance of not only attracting and converting new leads & customers, but also puts equal importance on delighting your current customers as this often times provides your best source of new leads. 

Inbound Methodology Flywheel

How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing

Maybe you are thinking, we blog, we posts on social media, we even occasionally post some video on YouTube amongst other things. That's great! Keep doing those things! What an inbound marketing framework can look to assist your business with is putting a structured strategy behind your content. Do your blog posts have clear call-to-actions your prospects can take for their next steps? Where are your social media posts leading their viewers? To the blog or website? Establishing a successful inbound marketing strategy should help your marketing attract contacts, convert leads, engage prospects, and delight customers. 

All of this would be a lot easier if there was tool to help your business implement it . . .


Why we recommend HubSpot. 

HubSpot is an All-In-One marketing/sales/customer service platform that pioneered the inbound marketing methodology. The HubSpot platform was designed around helping businesses grow specifically through the utilization of inbound. It enables your business to establish the connected paradigm a successful inbound strategy requires. HubSpot has done an excellent job at building their platform to help business scale, wherever they are at currently. There is the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub, each with all of the tools a business needs to execute a successful inbound strategy. These each come with scaled versions for your business' budget, from Starter at $50/month up to Enterprise solutions for large businesses. 

Lagoon Digital Is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, this means that we are experts in helping businesses and non-profits start using HubSpot, or if you are already using it, use it to its full potential. 


Lagoon Digital's Inbound Marketing Services

Thank you for reading about Inbound Marketing, there is a wealth of information on the web pertaining to this subject, we don't recommend going through the process of learning this alone. We hope to consult with your business and discuss whether or not an inbound strategy is a good fit and how we would recommend establishing an inbound strategy. We are currently accepting new clients for Inbound Marketing & Sales retainers and are always open to learning about your needs. If you are interesting in learning more about us working with your business please contact us.