Who We Are
We are a new type of marketing agency

We are a team of savvy marketers, strategist, analyst, and creatives. More than anything, we are problem solvers.

We’ve gone to the whiteboard and erased it. Twice.

Too many small businesses are timid about the idea of working with an agency because of one thing—$$$$.

We’ve taken the traditional pricing model and updated it to 2019 standards that work for your businesses unique budget & goals.

Join us as we reenvision what it means to work with a marketing agency.

What We Do
Inbound Marketing

It’s 2019 & your customers find you. No, this isn’t a salesperson’s dream. This is real life. Make content work for your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is confusing and terribly fragmented, before you give Google or Facebook $1, let’s talk.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a content wasteland, your brilliantly crafted tweet has a lifespan of a ripe avocado. The only solution is content consistency when fishing in these rich waters.

Branding & Design

Your brand is so much more than your product or service. We build brilliant identities and brand positions, let’s get to work.

Creative Strategy

When you work with us, we anchor all tactics in a core creative strategy. This isn’t short-term growth hacking. Let’s play the long-game.

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine a channel where your prospective customers are actively looking for the very solution you offer, too good to be true? Nope! Enjoy this free page-traffic through expertly designed strategy implemented with our slogan application of “time & pressure.”

Our Blog

Blogging is nothing new, almost everyone has a blog.

Our blog is unpolished & authentic, the team writes about topics they find interesting, authenticity is our strategy.

Read it if you want, or don’t, it’s cool either way.

The Team
We’re here to make waves and eat tacos.
Shane Harris

Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder

Bikes, Tacos, Design

Brent Washburn

Chief Mayhem Officer / Co-Founder

Ocean, Vegan, IPA



We are as selective with our clients as we are adding a team member, we want to make sure you fit into our team to assure your success.

Why Us?

You only have so many marketing dollars. Lagoon Digital will help you maximize how far those dollars go, and maximize the yield of return you see for those dollars.

We are seasoned marketers & creatives, why pay more for a New York style agency?

Our Location

502 Magnolia Avenue
Melbourne Beach, FL

Phone: +1 321-698-8676
Email: help@lagoondigital.com

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